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John Benditt founded DrivingWheel Consulting in 2002, after leaving MIT where he served for five years as Editor in Chief of Techology Review, MIT’s magazine of innovation.

At Technology Review, Benditt was responsible for the reinvention of the magazine’s editorial content. He conceived of and implemented the magazine’s new focus on innovation. He identified and worked with the graphic designer who redesigned the magazine. He created a new Table of Contents and hired a new editorial staff to execute his vision. He also collaborated closely with the magazine’s business staff to implement circulation and advertising strategies.

Benditt’s experience at MIT, which led to the rapid growth and critical success of Technology Review, was the launching pad for DrivingWheel’s core business: advising publishers on the strategic positioning of magazines and websites. Our job is to help you connect better with your target audiences, and we have a proven record of success in doing so.

As part of its core business, DrivingWheel will help you:

  1. better define your target audience

  2. build stronger connections with your audience

  3. grow your readership

  4. refresh your editorial content and approach

  5. find top writers and editors to convey your message

  6. update your graphic design for greater impact

  7. grow circulation and advertising revenues

  8. evaluate existing staff and recruit new staff, both business and editorial

  9. develop cost-effective ways to monitor your business

DrivingWheel is comfortable with projects large and small, and we put together the right team for every project. Smaller projects are typically handled by DrivingWheel’s founder, John Benditt. For larger projects, we assemble a team with the necessary skills, and manage the entire project.

One recent example is the relaunch of Science News, a historic magazine out of Washington, DC. For that project, DrivingWheel began with an in-depth analysis of Science News’ past, present and future performance, then made a list of specific recommendations, all of which were approved by the parent organization’s board of directors. After that, DrivingWheel assembled a team of up to 10 expert consultants, each with a specific area of expertise, and guided the entire redesign and relaunch, both in print and online

Among the DrivingWheel Associates whom we bring to specific projects are experts in writing, editing, circulation, advertising, print design, web design, qualitative research, quantitative research, web infrastructure, and other specialties. All DrivingWheel Associates are independent consultants who meet DrivingWheel’s exacting standards of excellence.

We are a one-stop shopping source for improving the performance of your publishing ventures.

Although John Benditt’s journalistic career was centered on science, technology and medicine, DrivingWheel is able to help publishers in any subject area improve their performance dramatically.

In addition to a host of smaller projects, among the major projects we have carried out over the last five years are:

  1. Developing, with the California Institute of Technology and The Economist Group, the prototype of a new national and international popular science magazine

  2. Providing core strategic advice to The Scientist, a controlled circulation magazine published in Philadelphia aimed at professionals in the life sciences, on relaunching its magazine and website

  3. Carrying out, for Blackwell’s, the UK-based journal publisher, a survey of the most important emerging “hot spots” in science, to help the client decide where to launch new journals

  4. Analyzing the performance of Science News, a weekly magazine out of Washington DC, in depth, and advising its publisher on relaunching both the magazine and its accompanying website

DrivingWheel prefers to develop long-term relationships with clients and is always looking for clients who are a good fit for its skills, history and worldview.

Could that be your organization?